Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy St Patricks Day

I am so excited to hear from all of you!
Things have been really good here! This week has been really busy and full of many amazing things! It's pretty crazy to think that today is P-Day, time to really get ready for this upcoming week.

The funny thing with this week has been the fact that we have been REALLY busy...but not much with appointments, more with everything else.
At the start of the week, there was a first-time conference for ALL district leaders and zone leaders in the mission...really weird, but it ended up being just a regular training. But it was set up really weird!
As little as I knew about the area so far, I was given a missionary to work with the day while Elder Trotter was gone to the meeting. But the whole day more felt like babysitting...:p BA!!! Although it was a little taxing, it was a whole lot of fun. All one can do in a situation like that is laugh, right! It was a fun...funny experience.

I was also able to go to a very special occasion for Elder Trotter, a sealing of one of his first investigators. It's really special as missionaries to be able to see the blessings really play out in others lives. As missionaries, we invite others to come unto Christ. And the greatest blessing is to see them come unto the Father. There wasn't a brighter smile there then them, it just shone!!!

And to think that wasn't enough, the day after, while we were riding our bikes, we stopped by a man pouring coolant into his car. We really got talking, and he really opened up to us. There were and are so many things and trials that he has been going through. But really all that we could offer was a prayer. Wiping away a small tear, he started going back to work a little bit, so we asked him if we could meet with him a week from that day...the only day open for him. He cant meet at his house, but he said to meet him at the park at 6pm.
The week went by until our appointment. We rode to the park and saw him there early, andwaiting for us in the same parking stall. After a really good talk, we had to go again, but we invited him to Church the next day...didnt sound super solid, but we were excited to see.
HE WAS THERE!!!!! And to add to that. a 3-month recent convert and his friend were the first to greet and completely take him under their wings. After sacrament and all the greetings from the members, the President asked if he had family and whatnot here...after a "no," president burst into a smile and said: "Well you do now here!"
It was really cool! Just how everything fits perfectly together. I know that this isn't our work, we were riding our bikes to another appointment and instinctively stopped to talk to him. It's just amazing to see the work in action.

Everything else has been continuing. The work is a little slower, but I see that it is really picking up each day, it's just making sure that we are in the right place and listening to the Spirit to do what we need to do to help as much as we can!

One of the more fun ways that we have been opening our mouths has been at the weekly Pulga (flea market) in town. We got with the owner and got permission to set up a booth "table" and invite everyone to the Daily Dose, which is free English classes. We only made about 40 cards, which, to our pressurize, quickly disappeared within the hour. We also were able to talk to many people about the church. And then see what a pulga is like! Really fun!
Also was the first time that I had lengua (tongue). And according to Elder Trotter, was one of the worst he has had...too bad. It was pretty fun though. It kinda looked like they just took the whole thing, grilled it, then diced it into quarter cubes...everything on it!

But everything is going really well. I love the spirit that is felt as we are working in the Lord's Vineyard! There are amazing things that happen each day to help us on our way! I love Mattawa! I love the WKM, best mission in the world! I love you all and hope the best for each of you in your endeavors!
Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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