Monday, March 24, 2014


Hola y buenos tardes!!!!!
Ojala que todos estan bien!
This week has defiantly been a really great one! A lot has been happening that is really moving the work forward. I am really loving the work here though! Well....."here" is the next question to bring up....
We had transfers this week. And the call came that I will be transferring to Matua. I am to believe that it will be a zebra area (both English and Spanish work). It isn't the smallest place in the world, but I am told that it is very...out there. But there are a lot of people that are spread out, so I'm excited to get started! It does also happen to be one of the more questionable areas, but as a missionary, I know absolutely nothing will happen. If anything, I will get more fun stories to Email back home...XD
I will miss has been an amazing area, and I would not mind to return. But I am really looking forward to what Matua is for me, and I know that there is someone who need me there. AND I'm only an our or more from Kennewick, so I should be able to come back and see the baptisms of all these amazing people here! I'm just SO excited for all of them. I know personally the blessings that the Gospel has, and being a part of this discovery is an amazing blessing. I am going to miss all of them.
That has been the hard part so far...saying goodbyes. Something I really suck at, and never like to do. But I guess that it will just widen all the amazing people I know and all the friends that I have made. Both in the Branch and with our investigators. Argh...........this is the hard part of being a missionary. But I am SO excited for all these amazing people, my Brothers and Sisters. It truly is an amazing thing! I will defiantly miss them...and Costa Vida! XD

Church was really awesome!!! We gave a church tour to an older sister named Maria. She has been having a very hard time looking for the correct church, just bouncing to many. She has been looking for just the right one that also fits in with her teenage grandchildren that live with her. Just everything that she was looking for, Spiritual and temporal/technical fit exactly with what shehas been looking for. As we moved through the tour, the Spirit was just SO strong! A really amazing experience for me, I just knew without a doubt that the things that we were sharing, both around the Church and through our lesson on the Restoration afterwards, was true. And I was able to see a change in this sister. In an instant, something that seemed lost, was found, it was physically seen. It was really cool! And when she got into church, one of the older sisters jumped and quickly made friends. It's just amazing to see everything just fall into place as we go through and try to help others. In her words to this sister, she said: "This is exactly what I have been looking for." And her grandchild that was with her seemed to like it just as much.

Everything else is going really well. Today will and is a little crazy due to the fact that I have to pack everything in two suitcases...XD So far, I am amazed at how good I am with the game of Tetris! But another fun thing that's happening is another Elder is going home, so his companion...happens to be Elder Larson, will be with us for the next few days. This is going to be a fun trisum for the last bit!

Well, Thank you everyone for your love and support! It's crazy to think that this month marks my quarter mark.... I just cant even start to think of how fast that the time has gone. I have learned so much so far, and every second is worth so much!
I love you all!! Thank you and have a great week!!!!


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission

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