Monday, March 24, 2014

Hello everyone!!!
Yup. I'm still alive here up North! Transfers went really well, although it was a long day of driving around. We had to go up to Yakima, picking up a bunch of others, then we headed into the middle of nothing...then to Othello. From Othello, I met my new companion, Elder Trotter, then we headed back to that "middle of nothing" spot, which seems to be Mattawa.
Holly cow, this is such an awesome place! Basically, Mattawa is all vineyards, orchards, and fields, which need a lot of labor, so the town must have grown for all the workers to live there and work. The awesome thing is that all the people here are really cool! I love walking around (especially in an area I haven't been in before) and just talk to people! With the season coming, but still mellow, we are able to find many people around...but I dont really know what's going to happen when the harvest and growing seasons start up. The trees and orchards are starting to bloom, so it might start up soon, but for now, it's just super pretty and cool to look at. Most of the fields are owned by members, so we are wanting to get a couple Weekly Planning meetings in the vineyards and pictures like that!!

I really like my new companion. He's pretty cool. I feel that I am really able to test my abilities and participate more with Elder Trotter. My Spanish is still coming, but there are many that say that I am really starting to sound very good. It feels a little better to say things, I've been trying a few different ways to speak, and each time, it's further improving. Now I just need to find a really cool ascent to from a really cool country!

We are living with another member...who is actually the mother of the Bishop here. She is really nice, but we dont have as much contact as we did with the Blogette family. But we do have the whole basement instead of a room, so it's pretty cool! Darts, pool table, ping pong, the works. She was done a lot for the missionaries, so it's really cool!
But there has just been a lot of problems with her and the missionaries getting alongwell...for whatever reason beats me! As far as I know, it was really just with making things look nice and not making a complete mess of everything...ya know, like sloppy teenagers.... But I kinda went in there with the intent to flip that all around. Today, we spent a good portion of the morning deep cleaning everything. Making everything just really nice. I'm pretty happy at how it looks, I could rearrange and clean for hours, but little by little it's looking so much better!!! 

The area in the past has been really amazing, but it has been slowing down quite a bit. One of the other members of my MTC district did a lot of time here, but didnt get too much done. The past few days, I feel that we have been picking up on some teaching style I'm hoping that we can really work here and help as much as we can. There's a lot of work to be done, but I'm really excited to get started!!
One of the cool things that I'm really looking forward to is the Pulga!!! There is a good-sized one here that only goes on Saturdays!! (YAY! Not Sundays!!) But we have plans to go there and set up something for English Classes that the Church sponsors. And it's a great opportunity to meet and talk to new people!

Well, everything is going really well. I am really loving the work that I'm able to be a part of here. The Spirit is such an amazing thing, I love to be able to have it each day, and share it with other people!! Smiling is such a great (and funny) way to make a day. They just wonder what and why you smile so often...and we do indeed have a good reason to smile!

I love you all! Thank you for everything! I promise to get some pictures in the coming week!
Con amor,

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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