Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Good day! it is another fantastic day to be here in the WKM! Today is a little warmer than the week has cooled off to be, and I've heard that things will really be heating up, both in temperature and in work! As always!!!

This week has been a blast!! A little more fun with the added sickness of my companion.
It was really funny. Last week, we really hit it hard with fantastic things to do as a zone for P-Day. One of which was a fantastic game of Soccer, in the Spirit of the World Cup!! That was a great game...but made both of us really sore through the week, so that just made us laugh every time that we'd try to climb out of the car and walk around!!
it might have been the rapid change of temperature, but Elder Ribeiro got pretty bad, but pulling through, we made it to the start of a new week!! WHOO!!!!!

So to add to the great week, we had a really fantastic miracle with Vicente Lopez!! So this whole week has been impossible to get in contact with him...and a lot of the same things as last week. But on friday during our weekly planning session, we decided to call him one more time (we were not sure what to do if he didnt....). But we said a short prayer while it was ringing...and......HE ANSWERED!!!! And it sounded like it was just yesterday that we saw him, he was really excited to come to church and talk with us some more!
He was able to come to church! And we have an appointment with him tonight to talk a little more about baptism!

A little bit of the work has been slowed as the World Cup has slowly started to narrow. So I think that means that it's going really well.
Our district leader is returning home from his mission two days after the final game...so it's been funny to hear him trying to get with President to let him watch it. Elder Ribeiro has been really good about it! The members keep him up to date, but he really loves being here on the mission helping people, more than going to the games happening in his city just 30 minutes from his house! Not that he's told me that more than once!! XD With my companion, I think that I'll be going for Brasil for this one! haha. ...really crazy the culture here and events like this! Superbowl has nothing on this...and it lasts for 6 weeks!!

I almost forgot...but I have to add this to the growing list of fun things that I have eaten out here. Menudo!!
We were at the flea market with our ward mission leader, and then he wanted to feed us. Throughout the week, he had been joking about giving us a bunch of menudo...so this was his opportunity to do so. We got tacos before he could interrupt us, but he asked one of the women cooking to bring us out a little bit of it.
I just told him that I'll eat the whole thing if he eats one as well. He didnt believe me, so I just downed the whole thing, staring at him.... He was laughing so hard...until he put it into his mouth. It was the funniest thing in the world!!! His smile was still there, but it was disappearing slowly as he ate it. *checkmark*

Sunday was really awesome! During the Priesthood quorum, we were asked to give the lesson on the last liahona on the Priesthood. We hadent read it before, but with a glance, we led a really good discussion on the Priesthood.
the Priesthood is such an amazing blessing to have! One of the largest parts that really hits me hard is the ability it has to help us and others continue faithful in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are countless things that the Priesthood helps us with: Ordinances such as baptism, and the ability to seal families so that they can live and progress as a family for eternity.
But I had always though why our Father in Heaven would entrust us with something that has so much power and authority.
He could do this work alone, but He knows that as we act in faith as instruments in His hands, our faith will grow and our desires will change.
It's a priceless blessing that helps us all continue and progress, learning through the footsteps of Christ. Really amazing!!
I was also able to really help out my Spanish with having to translate in the Spanish Branch. This has been something that I have had to do since Elder Trotter left for Sunnyside, but this week I feel had really helped me work on my Spanish. It's just amazing to see the Gifts of the Spirit work though you, especially the gift of tongues!

I love my mission and am grateful each moment that I have to be here and learn more about our amazing brothers and sisters, my Savior, my Father, and me.
"He could do this work alone, but He knows that as we act in faith as instruments in His hands, our faith will grow and our desires will change."
The Gospel is such a priceless gift that I wish to share with the world! And I am grateful for the two years that I have to learn how to do it for the rest of my life!
I love you all and wish to share my deep gratitude for the amazing spirits that you have, as well as the love and support that I feel here in the mission field. It crazy to think how fast time has flown by...and amazing to see the change each day as I have continued to search, study, and apply the Gospel into my life!

Have a fantastic week and I love you all!!!
Chao! (there's the Portuguese word of the week!!)

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission

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