Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 7th

Hola todos!!
I hope that everything this week was fantastic!! 
What a hot, fun and fantastic we were able to have here in the WKM!! 

Hot hot hot!! That's one of the biggest things of the week! The famous Washington wind has really died down to let in some really hot and humid weather. ...but I guess that's the magic of having a car right?? It's kinda funny how the crops, orchards, and vineyard have really changed a little bit of the climate. But the heat and humidity only add to the fun of missionary work!! Thank goodness for short sleeve white shirts!!!!

Ok...where to start!!?? 
So I know that I already talked a little bit on the Temple trip that we had last Tuesday, but it was so good that I have to at least mention it here!! I am SO grateful for temples!! Everything about them really help us see that the Heavens are not closed and are open and has constant communication with man. What an amazing blessing as members and people as a whole to be able to at least go and walk the temple grounds. That is something so hard here, but is seen as the greatest blessing and "treat" to do. Something I will have to get on and do more often when I get home. 
Just amazing!!

So as for super exciting things that missionaries do.... We got a call Wednesday morning telling us that our District Meeting was rescheduled for 10:30 for that same morning...and in Missionary time for those who dont have a car to drive...that is no time at all. BUT I have to say that the members here are THE BEST!!!! This was a hard day for many, especially Brother Yorgesen...but they are just so amazing to help us out and get us where we need to go! 
The meeting was fantastic! Elder Villegas, our DL, is super awesome! The only thing with him is that he is returning home this next week. It's really hard to see missionaries love and serve with all their heart, then have to look to the upcoming months, weeks, or days until they return. But he gave a fantastic training on talents and abilities that out Father in Heaven has given us to grow Spiritually and help those we come in contact with! ...SO GOOD!!

So with Daily Dose, we aren't the ones who teach the lessons, they have fantastic teachers for that. So we are really there to help them all and offer assistance if requested. This week, the assistance needed was two teachers for the two days that the normal teachers were going to be gone...woo!! 
Teaching English is harder than I would have though that it would have been! It was really fun with Elder Ribeiro as well!! We took an hour or so before, and I taught him the lesson that we gave! He wanted to make sure he sounded as gringo as possible! He did great as well!!! 

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a fun 4th of July!! The only down side...inside our houses by 6 and plan for the rest of the night. The harder part about that is that from 12-4 is the harder of the two times of the day to get with people. 
But I know for a fact that the Lord really made up for that! We had a lesson and discussion every hour! We didnt have time at all in between any of them. From the moment we left our house, we were moving from house to house teaching and sharing! 
We were able to end the evening with a very fun and enjoyable family who was having a huge BBQ later that night, but it was really amazing to see how they viewed having the missionaries over. Our time was theirs, and we were the center of attention. It was really cool and amazing to see the respect that they had, and the fun that we were able to have with them! 

The whole day, and especially the evening in our home, was a GREAT time to help Elder Ribeiro get a little more Americanized! I couldnt go all out, but I tried my best decking out our apartment will all the Red White and Blue a missionary could find! It was super fun!! He's pretty patriotic for Brasil! 

We were also able to have our next painting session with the Ponce family (we had already painted the outside of their house). ...I really do hope that they didnt want to paint in their house because we were really excited to help them paint...they are funny like that.... But we really enjoyed it! The heat was a little bad, but when the main room was Finished, we were able to turn on the fan. 

Continuing the rant on how fantastic our members are, we had dinner at the end of the week with our Branch President, Presidente Cruz. We had the intention to have Vicente Lopez there as well, but he didnt show up...ARGH!!! But the Cruz family made me all-American Hamburgers!! The next meal is said to be for Elder Ribeiro, something like Brasilian Meat-balls. We'll see! 

Updating on Vicente Lopez, we were able to really sit down and talk with him this week...it has been super hard juggling his work around!! But our good friend Vicente is on date to be Baptized on the 19th of July! I am SUPER excited for him, and I am very happy to see all the amazing blessing coming into his life. 
Another cool thing that he was able to get an upgrade on (may seen little but is pretty big), was a contract smart-phone. ...amazing how things are coming together for the better! He was also able to wish his daughter a happy birthday on the 4th of July!! 

Missionary work is something that is nigh-impossible to describe. It is something that is so amazing, joyful, and fun! I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have been given as I am able to study and apply the Gospel into my life, as well as help others rediscover and bring it into their lives! I love my mission and know that those who are preparing are going to as well! 
Read the Book of Mormon! I was able to finish it a few weeks ago and start it up again! The Gospel Library (Bible, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, Doctrine and Covenants) is amazing and true, and there is something very special about the Book of Mormon! 

I love you all and hope the best! Keep the faith and love it!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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