Monday, August 17, 2015

August 10th last leg

Hello everyone!!
This has been an amazing week to be a Washington Yakima Missionary!! So much amazing things have been and are happening in this time of the world!! ...this comes from the Gospel (real life) side of the spectrum! ...still not too sure what's happening outside Gospel-life. Grateful for the amazing Gospel we live in today! I cant count or describe what it means to me, but it's a lot!!

I can officially say that I'm on my last leg! I adjusted our dry-erase calendar and found that today and my departure day can fit into the whole I think it's on its way here!! Not trunky at all...kinda funny to think about it though!!
Enough of all of that though!! 

We've kept pretty busy throughout the whole week. Lots of awesome people we're visited, and the Spirit was pouring out upon many of our brothers and sisters! Love missionary work!

Grace is doing really amazing. Both she and her husband, Chuck are counting down the days until the 29th of this month. She has been zooming through the Book of Mormon and even got Chuck into it a lot. They were in the Isiah we got to discuss one of the chapters with them...amazing when you're teaching how much more you can understand Isiah...wish my personal studies were that effective!!! JAJA!!

We're still working with Shawn (wolf) and Codi. We did some more service scraping up some metal from different stuff and pilling it onto his truck. They're working hard in the Book of Mormon, and understanding more and more each day! 

Also had some really awesome experiences fasting with some of the members, then breaking it with an awesome BBQ; which turned into a really amazing teaching opportunity for some less active members. 

Defiantly had a bunch of trials and difficulties, but we've had some really amazing morning studies that have helped us out a lot!! I love the scriptures and what they can do to help us out!! Do all you can to not be a latter-day pharisee!! There is nothing more worthless than un-applied doctrine! But as we apply it in our lives (mind you, we're not going to be perfect at it), everything changes!! 

It's been an amazing week. I love the Lord and will strive to serve Him the rest of my life! I testify of Him and His Gospel and Church! 
I love you all and hope for the best as each of you strive to come closer to Him. 


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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