Monday, August 17, 2015

August 3rd

Hey everyone!!!
It has been a crazy week around here, but what's new! 

We've also rolled right into the last transfer around here. Nothing was too exciting about this one. And to add to it, being out in the middle of no-where makes it like a perfectly normal day. We've got a really cool zone though!! Going to meet them all a little bit later today when we got to the church!! 

But the highlight of that day was our weekly yard work with Ruth. She's really awesome!!! We've been working with her for 7 weeks now, but it's FLOWN by if you focus on just what we do with her. We've basically redone her whole front yard, and it's starting to look pretty good! Get's me working on the landscaping skills I dont have!!
But the most rewarding thing that we've been able to see there is the progression of Ruth. Health was a really large problem when we first started helping, but now she's usually out with us, and is out and about throughout the whole week. She's also gotten really motivated to look up and experiment on different plants and stuff, so it's been a huge motivation for her! 

It's been another really crazy roller coaster with Wolf and Codi. We havent been meeting as often with them throughout this week, but we've been trying really hard to get back with them. By the end of the week though, we were able to see a lot of re-progression! 
Made the mistake of asking what we could do to help them out, and they called the next morning saying that they bought a few ducks from a rodeo auction, and wanted help butchering them up. I wouldn't say "the mistake of," because it was actually really awesome!!! Mark that down as another really really really weird service project we did for someone! WOO!

The rest of the week has been the normal crazys (for a missionary). We've been having really amazing things happening! We're still working as hard as ever to find those who have been prepared by the Lord. It's pretty amazing!! 

Just have to add in that we'll be getting the rare opportunity to get our hair no more hair-whipping for us for a while!!  

Brothers and Sisters, friends and family, I love you all so much!! I'm so grateful for the love and support that each of you have given me!! I'm doing well and will go forward with faith and determination, and invite you all to do the same!!!!!!!!! Con amor!!!!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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