Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17th

Hey everyone!!

It has been a BUSY week! One of the busiest weeks of my time being here in Warden! Putting that all into perspective: We've had about 5X's the number of lessons this week than in any other week in the past! WOOO!!!! ...I love staying busy!

We've been working a lot with three people who are on date for baptism for this upcoming week, the 29th of August: Grace, Codi, and Jacob! We're so excited for them and love their guts! There has been SOOOO many miracles happening with every one of  them!! It's been unreal!
 We've got a lot to do this upcoming week, so we really look forward to that as well! Please keep praying for them!!

Other fun stuff throughout the week:

-Had a really awesome Zone Training Meeting!! Everything is better when you have them give out fruit snacks!! 

-Got to see Ruth ride her riding lawn-mower, which is a HUGE step for her getting out, moving around, then working. ...we had to stop her and make her take a water break, she was having that much fun!!

-Out and doing our thing in a good-sized wind storm! We got the smaller part of it, in comparison to the tri-cities, which had a 20 car pileup...dont believe anyone was injured though!

-Just living the normal life of a LDS Missionary!! it's the best! (Just ask anyone of us!)

...I'm probably getting pretty horrible about sending all of you good quality messages. 
The work is so amazing!! I love it so much!! I have been learning SO much in such a short amount of time! 

I love you all and hope for all the amazing blessings to reach all of you as well! I love this Gospel and testify of it! Keep going strong and love what you do!! 

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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