Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Arrival At the MTC (CCM in Mexico)

First Day Out!  September 25th, 2013

I had no time to contact you once I landed at Mexico. But during my orientation, I am able to email people.
The flight to Mexico was very good. I opened up the package that the girls gave me. Read some of the letters, and left some others for later. They did allow the snacks and candy through customs, bairly. It kinda came as a surprise.... I had already justified the fact that if they had to be thrown away, the Lord was sending me a message that he really didn't want me to gain a bunch of pounds. I guess its the opposite now. :)
I have realized just how blessed to be living in the United States. I was on edge the whole time (especially with our driver) until we made it to the MTC...this place is one heck of a stronghold! Once inside the MTC compound, Mexico became very beautiful.
I'm not noticing the bad smell all that much. It kinda flips between open garbage, taco stands, and exhaust.
At the moment, I have said all that is on my mind. In the next day, I know that a lot of fun things will be coming!!!
Love you lots!!
Elder Glen Wright

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