Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8, 2013

Hola Everybody!
Another week at a close and moving on to week three here at the CCM! Everything here is going very well. The language is still a barrier I fight through each day, but I feel that I´m slowly understanding and speaking more easily. I believe that my body is now slowly adjusting to the different foods. Although I had extremely bad intestine and stomach problems last week...
(For those who haven't been informed yet) I have had my first investigator, Gil (some at the CCM are instructors and some are real). I have really found what missionaries talk about with really finding love and a strong desire to teach and help others come unto Christ. Language was a huge battle, but the Spirit speaks universally, all of us were able to teach by and feel the Spirit as we taught the truths of the gospel. We had the week to teach him, so Friday was our last day. We felt that we should speak of baptism and the next step towards his struggle to find more faith in Christ. The conversations didn't start the way we planned, but he walked right into our topic, at the close, he accepted the challenge to be baptized November 2, (the Saturday before we left for the field). Later that evening in our evening language classes, Gil walked in and revealed that he was our next teacher! Never before have I had an amazing relationship with a teacher. All of us have learned SO much from him!
The food here is very good. And yes....plenty of beans for and in every meal. Some meals are traditional mexican foods, and others and mexicanized american foods. The one meal that always stays the same is Pizza night. Every Tuesday night, they get boxes upon boxes of Costco pizza (there´s a Walmart and Costco next to us somewhere). And for those who cant take good mexican food, there is a nutella-sandwich bar for breakfast and dinner. It is unreal to see just how many people are seen over there, as well as how many huge containers of nutella they go through each meal. The guys in my district have found space in their stomach to stuff a couple rounds of food, then run and make a huge nutella-peanut butter-coco pebbles sandwich. They have a shooken agreement that tonight or the last Tuesday pizza night, they will put a slab of costco pizza in-between the sandwich they made. I will stick to my PB&J once every few weeks....

General Conference has been a major blessing here at the CCM. I have never before listened intently and hung to every phrase each speaker had said. The talks went by almost too quickly. I wanted them to just go on and on! One of my favorite phrases was from Uchdorf: "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith." As well as the insert of "Les Miserables" and the Mexico CCM (Presidente Pratt had to calm the cheering auditorium of missionaries then). My district was very excited as well when they heard about Les Miserables. They are well aware that I love that musical! One of the Hermanas in our district is always found singing "all alone." And if I am ever in a mood to talk about teching and theatre, Elder Myler is a huge gunky as well. He kinda reminds me of Daniel, a little more quiet, but has moments where we both just are on the same wavelength.
Last Wednesday, Elder Moore landed like a ballerina while we were playing basketball, dislocating and having the joint of his foot and leg touch the ground. Tearing a bunch of stuff. For the past 5 days, all the doctors could say was use crutches and hope for the best. Presidente Pratt during conference break talked with us and him. He asked where he was going and then answered "maybe." And just the day earlier, one of the elders did something to their hand, was sent home. That has been on our minds all week, this morning was when we would find out. The doctors were almost dumbfounded that they couldn't find any huge damage to the foot, and Elder Moore walked out of there perfectly fine. Granted, he wont be playing Basketball for the rest of the time here.
I never thought that I would be playing basketball everyday. I might even be decent by the time I´m out of here! That and ping-pong. Did that for about an hour today, I didn't want to change to workout clothes, and my companero didn't want to do anything too exhausting. They don't really like us using the gym on p-day anyway. They just don't want us to be overly competitive on p-day.
How is everybody doing back at home?! I am excited to hear of all the excitement and exciting things that are going on! The play should be showing pretty soon now. WOW! I am also really happy for the news on the house! It looked amazing when I left, I cant wait to see pictures and the actual house for myself!! Really really depressed that I cant be there to do all the tiling and fun stuff like that! :D How has Reynold´s taken his poster?? How are all the family and friends?! Probably just as busy.
I have absolutely loved my experience here so far!! Everything here is an amazing experiance. Life in Utah has turned into something so far in the past it feels like. And I miss it, but I feel like I wouldn´t belong there if I returned. I know that right now, this is exactly what I need to be doing! I have a stronger and stronger feeling each day to make myself better! It has made me think of Thomas S Monson´s "W" theory: "Work Will Win When Wishy-Whashy Wishing Wont."
One of the other missionaries borrowed my camera cable, so I will send pictures when I have hunted him down! I will get them later today!!!
 LOVE YOU ALL!!! You are all in my daily prayers and in my heart. Thank you for all the examples you have set for me!
Elder Glen Wright 

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