Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1st 2013

That´s all the Spanish I want to do at the moment!! haha....
P-day is Tuesdays. Which I have found are an amazing blessing to us here at the CCM (MTC in Spanish) On alternating P-days, we have the amazing blessing of attending the temple. Which is just beautiful!!! Although everything was done in Spanish, the workers were amazing and helped us all the way!
It has been a little crazy here the first week. Lots that we do, our schedules are completely full and planed out. I know exactly where I will be and when for the full 6 weeks.
The CCM is and isn't full immersion in the language. But it also is.... All the workers, teachers, etc are all Hispanic, so we almost always are speaking Spanish.
The language is hard at times. In class, we are only speaking Spanish. Sometimes I understand the teacher, but other times I have no idea what they are saying. I think that I´m the only one with that problem, but everyone voices after, the same problem. I am grateful for at least taking two years of Spanish...which is slowly coming back. At moments, I am extremely frustrated and find that I can´t learn any more for that day. But when I open my scriptures the next morning, I find a hidden and spontaneous joy and excitement to learn the language. The gospel is true in no matter what language, but I have found it very difficult to teach by the spirit when I am chained to a small list of vocabulary terms. All will come in time though!
My companero is a fun and interesting guy. Elder Witmer. About the same stature as me, but he whent through basic training with the army. At first, we really didn't get along as well as I wanted to, but then we found something fun in common. We just got back from a safety meeting. The president of the CCM stressed to close and lock your closets to ensure that the cleaning crew isn't tempted to steal anything. When we walked into the room, Elder Helzer´s (other companion sharing the room) left his closet wide open. So we moved everything of his into the room next to us. We also left some chocolate on the pillows and cleaned the room so it would look like they came! (I was also I guess pulling a prank on Witmer to actually clean not just his stuff, but the whole room!!) Fun stuff.....
I absolutely love to be able to leave the world behind to serve the Lord. There is just something amazing about the fact of waking up every day to study the gospel, until the moment we hit our beds. I have found great comfort in the fact that this gospel is true. Not just there in Utah, or in the United States, or in English, but all over the world! Attending the Mexico Temple helped me so much, especially with that fact.
We also have our first investigator, Gin (some investigators here are real and some are staff). He´s really fun to be around, just an awesome spirit. We have been able to teach him lesson three from preach my gospel (God sent book right there!). Especially the topic of Fe, or Faith. A fun fact that has helped me during my pondering and study. Fe is faith in Spanish, but it is also the representation of "Iron" in the periodic table of elements. Having faith in Jesucristo needs to be strong like Iron, as well as like the Iron Rod, point directly to God and his gospel.
Snow.... That´s CRAZY. I am starting to miss snow, or anything really cold for that matter. After the first few days, the sun shown, but then the heat and humidity really hit. The smell isn´t as bad as you made it though. The only thing that has really gotten me is the heat at night and the mosquitos. It´s not as bad as it was, but they are still there. I am finding new bites everywhere, including up my arms, which are covered by TWO layers all the time!!!!!

I really miss you all, especially when I attended the temple today! I felt the spirit very strong there. It´s always good to be busy. We are always swamped with things to do, but this gospel is one where I could and would be happy to spend every waking hour dedicated to every aspect of it.
Just giving the CCM address if you want to use it and spread it around.
Carr. Tenayuca-Chalmita No. 828,
Col. Zona Escolar, Deleg. G.A. Madero,
C.P. 07230, México, D.F.; México.
Throughout the week, I had a whole list of things that I wanted to say and talk about, but I didn´t write them down. I will carry another notepad around from now on though. I will probably also start writing some letters to a bunch of people.
Love you!
Elder Glen Wright
Las Inglesia de
de los Santos
de los Últimos Dias

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