Wednesday, October 16, 2013

¡Hola Everybody! ¿Como Estan?
Yo estoy fantastico aqui en la CCM!
It´s hard to think that I´m already half-way though the CCM, and the weeks have really started to fly!
The language is still a large barrier, but each day I feel that I am improving more and more. I am still pretty bad at listening and understanding what some of the natives are saying, especially when some of the natives speak SUPER fast!! At first, I didn't understand any of it, then I was able to pick the main details and guess what the subject of the sentence or question was, but I am really starting to understand the full sentences as well as thinking in the language. This week especially, I have caught myself speaking almost fluently about the plan of salvation into the restoration with a practice investigator. On multiple accounts, the teachers would come and join in to listen to my lessions. It´s a really cool and fun experience!
I hear that a lot of you people are getting to be pretty busy!! It´s fun to hear all the awesome stuff that´s happening!!
Every minute is packed to the brim over here!!!! just about every second is planned out each day, well, all except for P-Day, except that is still packed with fun and stuff that´s needed to be done!
My typical day here kinda goes like this:
6:30am -- Wake up get ready for the day
7:00am -- In classrooms reading scriptures/PMG for personal study
7:45am -- Eat an amazing breakfast!!! ....lots of beans for every meal...:p

8:25am -- Gym ....There are probably three things that I know I will be good at after I leave the CCM: Ping Pong, Basketball, and Frizbee
9:15am -- Clean up and prepare for the day
9:45am -- We teach our first investigator. It alternates each day between our four investigators
10:45am -- Language/Gospel study/etc
12:45 -- Lunch
1:30 -- Study for our investigators
3:15 -- Teach our other investigator
4:15 -- More language study
5:15 -- coaching on how we are doing on gospel principals in the mission language
6:15 -- Dinner
7:00 -- Study for our investigator
7:30 -- Personal scripture study
8:00 -- TALL: Technology Assisted Language Learning
9:00 -- Personal Scripture Study
10:30 -- Lights out
¡¡¡REPEAT!!!! WHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
I absolutely love the CCM!!! Just a great experience! Every day feels like it an eternity, but every week feels like it just flys by!
My roommates and companero are fun to be around, most of the time. My companero is right out of the army reserve, so after the first day I got used to the 10 or so death threats...XD Has that kind of dry weird humor. But I am trying my hardest to keep him going. He´s having difficulty with the language, after studying german for most of his life. He has a joy in saying phrases to everyone in german, his favorite is I love you, which dosen't sound as happy and nice in german. XD This week has been especially hard for building up my relationship. Each gringo kinda goes through an adjustment period with the food/surrounding/etc. And this week was his turn, especially for allergies. A teacher sent us to the doctor to check him out, and he gave him boxes of allergy medication as well as steroids...which I personally don't think will help his overall attitude. XD Nah, I´m having fun learning new things with him! We has really learned to work with each other during our lessions, and that´s why we are here at the CCM, to learn!
Sundays are just as good as P-Days! The meetings are really great! But we have to make ourselves sit through them. Everyone is a little on edge during sacrament though for the fact that the president chooses random people to talk. During our last meeting, the president asked my companero and myself to go to his office, fearing a talk was coming on, we slowly followed. It actually came to us being called as Zone leaders. A really cool opportunity to learn! But everyone is joking that due to that, we have a definite spot as PA´s in the mission field. XD
Today was another temple p-day trip for our district. I absolutely LOVE the Mexico City Temple!!!!! Looks kinda like a Myan Temple or something like that! But the best part happens inside. It really brings great comfort to know that it dosen't matter if the cultures or languages are different. This gospel is the SAME inside and out! Nosotros somos sus hijos con Dios y Dios esta Padre Celestial! No matter where you are in the world. The temple is a place that I can really feel his loving presence in my life.
I have found that my voice has been a great blessing to both myself as well a those around me. Each night, our district gathers around the flag pole in the center of the CCM (found in the picture). There I was able to express my feelings as well as sing "song of testimony" and its meaning in my life (As well as every day singing either Les Miserables or something awesome!!). The president has also asked me to sing a solo the last Sunday before the fast Sunday we leave. I cant recall the name of the song at the present moment, but it is really amazing!!! I thank all of you who have helped me grow this talent that brings so much joy to both myself and those who hear!!!!
One of the most spiritual experiences so far at the CCM happened this last Friday. My companero and I received another practice-investigator. The couple hours before, I had the impression to teach him the Plan of Salvation. The lession I made I felt was really good, but withing the first minute of talking with this investigator, the whole lession plan was thrown out. We talked for a long time, listening to the problems and stories that this investigator had. A very hard life. But I had this scripture constantly itching at the back of my mind. If didn't know where it was, until I opened D&C right to the scripture. After our investigator was through, I simply asked him to read the verse, a long silence followed him finishing the last verse. He then looked up with eyes teary eyes, really the only words to come out were: "Esta verdad" (it´s true). We then were able to give him the Book of Mormon, Pamphlets, and the knowledge of how to pray.
Waking up to the gospel every day is the best thing that a person can do. Our life on this Earth is a time to prepare to meet and return to God. That is my purpose in this life. I know that I will be able to do so through this gospel, it has blessed my life in so many ways. This time in my life is to invite others to come to the same knowledge that I cherish so close in my life and heart. For them to first come unto christ A través fe, arrepentimiento, el bautizmo, Recipcion del don del espitítu santo, y preseverar hace el fin. Then, enter into the temple and come unto the father.
Thank you ALL for helping me be where I am today! I am so excited to be here as a representitive of Jesus Christ. There is nothing better in this life than to get lost in the work. We are here to gain knowledge and experiance, and nowhere is better than by serving a mission. You all are in my daily prayers!
Elder Glen Wright

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