Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 1st

Hola! Como estan?! 
Everything here is going as great as usual!! It's been a funny week though, lot's of realy extra things to add to everything. 

Everything really started with Wednsday, that being our fake preparation day. We spent most of the day in the car, then the rest of it at the Columbia River Temple. BA!!! Cant say anything less than absolutly amazing!!! I have a tesamony of the amazing Spirit in the Temple, and the need that we have to go more often! The misison has really helped me grow my desire to go more often, and have a constant desire to go. Something that we ALWAYS have bolded, highlighted, and underlined on our calander. 

A highlight for the week definatly had to be the ward activity.............drumroll.....PINEWOOD DERBY! For the past week, we've been inviting everyone! And we were so happy to see people come!!! We had one family come, then a recent convert and his family come as well. SO many hambergers and Hotdogs...and SOOOO many cars. Funniest part of it was that most of the cars were from one member! 
We had a blast, and raced out own: The TIE BREAKER
Add on to that, we won third place! We were pretty suprized about it though...once you see what we raced! 
But the best part of it was that the activity was a BLAST and everyone had a great time. The Orrosco family was even able to build their own! And they won a couple of the races! 

An update on our good friend Andy. He's been doing really really well. It's just a slow go for him. BUT the best news is that he just got a job! We're pretty happy for him. It'll help a lot with many of the struggles he's been going through, especially with so much time on his hands just staying at home. 

Exciting news as well! I finally got my farmer's tan back!! IN ONE DAY!!!! 
So we got to go up to the Pateros area (the same place where exactly one year ago we did cleanup service for the Fires). We helped out a family who had a large farm higher in the mountian area...they said it was just above that farm where all the news footage of the huge flames were taken. But we built a large fence spaning one of their fieds so they could have a pasture for their cows. That was some really awesome and hard work! Both of us were pretty tired the next two days after. We got to spend the day with this family, and got to be able to chat a lot about what we do as missionaries, and got to share our personal testimonies on the role it has in our lives. 
One of them was constantly repeating the prase in the Scriptures "Be doers of the word, not hearers only." 
I have such a strong love for service, and I give all the recognition and thanks to God for that. It's been something that I've really grown to love and do in my mission. And something that I'lls trive for for the rest of my life. And invitaton for all of you as well! For isn't that what Christ would want us to do?! 

This upcoming fast Sunday is going to be a special one for the mission and the stakes in the WKM area. We'll be doing a special fast for the people who are investigating the church, as well for those that the Lord will be preparing us to find in the next little while. We would want to ask or invite you as well to join in on this fast, praying for them. I can give a couple names if you would like:
Orrosco family
Sherly (who is a less active member)
Thank you for everything that you do, the love and support that you have for me and the wonderful brothers and sisters we've been teaching have been felt in abondance! I love you and pray for each fo you, and wish you the best! 

Take care, work hard, smile often, and live the doctrine of Christ daily!!!!!!!!!!!


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission

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