Thursday, June 25, 2015

May 25th Under house arrest

How are all my favortie people in the whole WORLD!! Love you all to death!

This week has been so much fun! Just about everything was thrown at us throughout the week. ...and to add to all of it, today isn't really a P-day. (We've got our temple trip this Wednsday, but living so far away, it'll take just about all day, so we get to do this today!! 

I have NO idea where to start!....

-We've had some pretty amazing discussions with our investigators this past week. Especially those who we've been having trouble getting in contact with the past few weeks. The members have been able to help SO much!! And it's brought such a strong Spirit to each and every lesson! I want to make sure I'm a good ward missionary when I get back!!!! 

-Had an AMAZING zone conference!!! So much revelation recieved, not even funny! ANNNNNNDDD got some cool little add-ons to our mission vehicles: TIWI!! Those not too familiar with this, essencially it's a box that mimics your mom if she were driving with you in the passanger seat. It even talks to you!!! Said that this has really helped the safety for missionaries driving, so it's a pretty neat little device. 

-Thought that we'd get back into our area Friday, but called last minute to drive down to Wenatchee for a leadership council. And started out 40-day fast....40 days until the mission split. Some amazing things are going to happen, the work is hastening, and we as the instruments need to be better sanctified. The 40-day fast is such an inspired thing!! Essencially it's a full 24-hour fast to start it, and during this fast, you write everything that you feel has been "poking" at your Spiritual sensitivity, then for the following 40 days, you do everything you can to be accountable to the Lord in not doing those. It's a pretty amazing way to really see change in yourself, and it was a really amazing thing to see those things I want out of my life and what I do want in my life more. 

-Memorial day for the tourist town left us over in the other town for most of the weekend. We spent the time finishing up our weekly planning, then building a ramp for a couple in wheelchairs. The member we spent the day with was an absolute blast, and kept us busy as well with all sorts of his projects and "to do" stuff! 

-Got to give a talk in Spanish in Church on the topic of Memorial day...(always find that I can speak a lot more freely and out of the heart when I do it in Spanish....might as well be full blood Spanish!! But I focused on my favorite scripture: ! Nephi 2:15. And if you have a funny face when you look at it, I invite you to deeply study those first few chapters to descover what I found. Amazing to see the sacrifices each of them made so so many people that followed could reap the blessings. 
I thank all of those in my family (being ALL of you) who have sacrificed, especially in the armed forces, that all of us may reap the blessings we have today. 

-This Sunday brought an amazing miracle with an amazing family we were able to meet. They are SUCH A BLAST!!! We were laughing so hard though the whole conversation. The whole family it super cool. They used to go to the English classes, havent for a few weeks due to schedualing, but look to be going back really soon. Then we inveited then to the Ward pinewood derby activity this Friday...and they jumped right onto that!! 

-That also brings me to the Pinewood. SUPER AWESOME!!! We're both super excited for this actuvity. We've been inviting like CRAZY, and so many people have already jumped on it! 
Andy was a really cool miracle with that. We was able to be complety off the alcohol and smokes for four days, but fell back. His face lightened up sun-level when we gave him the car. He apparently did them all the time with his pretty emotional there. BUT also commited to be complety sober every time he worked on it, and he shook at that! ...pretty competitive, so we need to make it fair!! Jaja!!! 

The work is really amazing. It has really impressed me so much to see how the Lord is preparing His children, both to be found and to find. I love Him and testify of Him and His Son, our Savior. and do so in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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