Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 22nd--Warden

Hola everyone!!! It's so awesome that I can send you a little something! A really cool blessing as you start to think about it!! I'm so grateful for the small blessings that we have! And Emailing is defiantly a huge one for us!!! ...easy to take "instantly sending a letter to everyone you love at home while you're off miles away" for granted! I 100% can say that I'm SO glad I came to the Earth at this time in the history of the World!!!!

So this week was transfer week, so we spent the week packing, saying farewell to everyone, etc. But the largest highlight of Chelan before transfers was the last lesson we had Tuesday night with Jim. We were able to have a dinner with Brother Riggin and his wife, and we also were able to enjoy the company of Jim. Both of them became the best of friends the moment they met each other a few weeks ago, and this dinner made it even cooler...for example, both of them are general contractors, and Brother Riggin built the home we ate at. 
The dinner was so amazing!! Their home also had the BEST view of Chelan...kina like the valley was saying goodbye to the both of us! 
The lesson we had with him afterwards was really awesome!!!! It was so cool to be sitting on the other side of them, both Jim and Brother Riggin, because they both looked like they've been members all their lives!! It was really amazing to hear Jim's testimony and feel the Spirit throughout the whole discussion. We love him and will miss him, but we know we'll be having an awesome conversation and cool get-together in Heaven!!! 

Transfer day was pretty get pretty pumped to go out and work hard, cause you're so sick of sitting in a car the whole day!!! 

But after a long day of traveling, we made it to Othello, where I met Elder Brassanini, then we were off for Warden. 

I'm not going to lie...Warden STINKS!!!! 

Ok, I dont mean that kind of stinks, I mean literally "stinks"!! A dairy and cow pasture decided the best place to place themselves is right where the wind would carry all the wonderful smells to the town!! 
Apart from that, Warden is the BEST!! LO MEJOR! 
I know that I've been sent here for a reason and there are many people here that are prepared for the Gospel. I'm really excited to keep working here! 

So far, the week was full of a lot of getting to know the area and the people we've been teaching. It's a pretty small town, so just about everyone knows the missionaries, so that really adds a cool twist to things!! Jaja, the people here are really cool! I'm just really excited to get working here!!!!!
Lots of miracles have been happening so far!!!!!!!!!!!!

This past week, I've been thinking of a specific talk given a year ago from one of the Apostles: 
I am pretty sure that most of you have had the blessing of listening, watching, or reading this talk, but it's been one that's been on my mind and has been a large blessing for me this week! Dont know really what else to say about it, but please take the time to read it!!! 

Love you all!!! I'd give all of you a big hug right now, but as a missionary, some might just have to do with a nice firm handshake! Love you all and hope for the best this upcoming week! 


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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