Monday, July 20, 2015

early July

Hola everyone!!
Wishing the best to everyone from the Washington YAKIMA Mission! 

This has been such an amazing week, it's going to be really hard to share everything. We've been super busy with the amazing work as missionaries, and trying to stay out of the heat. We've been looking at an average of 110 in temperature around here, but that's done nothing to stop us from getting out there and keeping busy serving others and teaching. 

Highlights for the week:

-The whole week brought so many miracles, it's been crazy. The first half of the week, our biggest problem was not being able to walk down the street to where we were planning on going, because so many things happened at each step. And that's not an exaggeration!! It was one of the coolest weeks that I have been able to take part in in my mission. I am so grateful for the Spirit and its ability to help direct us where we need to be and do what we need to do! 

-Had a really awesome last day as a Washington Kennewick Missionary, and a great first day as a Washington Yakima Missionary!! We got to meet our Mission President as well. They are the BOMB!! They are really fun, and are so excited to get going in the work! 

-Had an awesome 4th of July! I am so thankful to be able to live in a place with so many freedoms. In comparison with any other country, we really cant be complaining, but fully engaged in helping be a part of sustaining the great truths God has granted and given us here. I am proud to be an American, where I know I'm free! And I'm also grateful to be a Christian, where I know I'm blessed and Spiritually free! 

-Yesterday's Sunday service at the church was really something as well. We were with the Spanish congregation this time, sitting with one of our investigators. 
This week around, the attendance of the group was SMALL!! Add to that, it was testimony meeting. I am so grateful for the blessing it was to be there in such a small group. Almost everyone had the opportunity to bear their testimony, including the brother we invited to come with us. But for me personally, it gave me, in the time of silence, to sit and ponder on my personal testimony. 
I hope that everyone in that room could feel that same spirit that I was able to feel there. It really was a special one! I know that testify that my testimony really did grow and strengthen with the opportunity and time to sit and think on what I really do believe and having the Spirit witness of it's truthfulness.
That's a really cool thing about the promise found in Moroni 10. No matter how many times that we have read pondered and prayed in the past to know, the visitation and promise is still extended to us. 
I share my testimony that I really do know with all my heart that these things are true. I love the example of Christ found as he was inviting his first Disciples to follow Him, with a simple "Come and See." And that's the invitation that extend to you as well. Come and see! 
I know He lives, He is our Savior. I know with that same Spirit and power that He has restored His Gospel in these days.
Come and See!

I love you all, I express my gratitude for the support that each of you have given me! Hope for the best in the upcoming week! Keep me posted and send me letters!! :D

Con Carino

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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