Monday, July 20, 2015

July 13th

Hey everyone!! Another weekly update from your long lost friend/son/brother!! 
This has been an amazing week here in the WYM!! 

This has been one of the more busier weeks that we've had, so we've been working hard. The weather got a little bit cooler, so that made our week a million times better! We were especially grateful for that, because we had a bunch of service opportunities outside! 

While we were doing a service this past week of installing red rock into a yard (which looks great now btw!), I got thinking of what a missionary service resume would look like. Holy cow we've got a lot of just weird "certifications!!" We've done everything from painting interior and exterior stuff for homes, landscaping, irrigation systems, clearing out homes of cockroaches, demolition, floraculture, worm hunting, pluming...running out of brain-power to think of all the things we've done...pues, de tocho morocho! I love what you can learn from just going out and helping people. Even if you want to look at it in a really selfish way, you get a ton out of it!! 
But you get even more as you forget yourself in the service of others. And I can attest to that! 

Other really cool highlights:
-Really cool exchanges!! Drank a lot of the other elder's chocolate milk! 
-Installed irrigation to a bunch of fruit trees! Super fun service right there!!
-All the Wheat fields are white and being harvested now!! D&C 4 will never be the same as it had been in the past!! "The field is white all ready to harvest."
-Taught a super fun Daily Dose (English) class on emotions. 
-Got some really amazing referrals from some inspired kids that were playing in a trailer park...LOVE kids!!! Coolest way to see the Spirit work!
-Had a church tour fall through with someone we planned it with, but felt to still set up, and happened to have a less active member come and want to talk to us there!!
-Another amazing service at Church!! And another opportunity to partake of the Sacrament! Up and ready for the new week!!!

The whole day, and week, was really focusing on specifically finding one person who has been prepared and is willing to faithfully accept and apply the Restored Gospel in their lives. We had really cool experiences and met really cool people throughout the day and throughout the week, but I want to end on the topic of how our week ended, namely the last 15 minutes until 9:00.
By the way, I've got a pretty awesome companion! He's always super Spiritually on fire, even when he's goofing off! But after talking to a few people and trying by a few families, we sat in the car with 15 minutes to 9. "I want something really really really cool to happen right now!" Was what I got from Elder Brassanini, followed by a really exaggerated point forward down the street for us to drive down. 
We parked the car after a few blocks and felt we needed to tract the whole street before 9:00. We found that there was only one house on that whole street, and all the others branched off on other streets. We felt to go to the intersection at the end of the street and started knocking some doors. JUST before 9:00, we knocked on the door and a sister, Jessica opened the door with a huge smile. We had a really good conversation, and everything brought us back to Christ and His Gospel. We were able to share our testimonies about the living Gospel that God has restored today, and we really felt the Spirit testifying of it.
I wont say much more of that experience except my testimony that I know that the Lord is preparing our Brothers and Sisters in all parts of the world to come unto Him. And it's through this restored Gospel, His Gospel, that they and we can do that. I know that. And I share that with you in our Savor's name, Jesus Christ, amen.

I love you all and pray for each of you!! Keep moving forward strong and with faith and hope! 

P.S. for those who didnt get the message last week. I've got a new address to send everything! Love you all!!! 

Elder Glen Wright
Washington Yakima Mission
1006 S. 16th Ave.
Yakima, WA 98902-4260
Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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