Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 27th

Hey everyone!! How are all of my favorite people in the world doing?!?!

We've been SUPER busy around here. It's been really weird to have a Preparation-Day...feel like we should be doing something else...BUT that might just come from the fact of being a new transfer and all. 

As stated previously stated, we've had a really good week! The best description for everything is what I remember from the California screamer ride in Disney Land: easing into the week is like getting shot forward at a million miles an hour. THEN we had some really amazing miracles out the roof. Then everything seems to explode right in your face. BUT then God sends some more crazy miracles, and a cool loop the loop to add some fun memories to it all!! 
...I need to get off the analogies..,.I'm starting to get it apply this one to a full mission. JAJA!! 

We've been working a lot with Wolf and Codi. Put simply...they are the best!  
We've basically been meeting with them every day, and they've been on fire with a desire to learn and come closer to Christ. But it's been crazy to see that the adversary has been working hard, and very clear and wide open to stop them from taking these steps. A few days in a row, we received a call saying that something happened, and they dont want to see us any more. But we'd run over and just trust the Spirit to help and lead. It's been a black and white change with when the Spirit was there and when it wasnt. 
Before we started teaching, he said one of the coolest and funniest things!! He said he read that Satan would send temptations and such to stop us from following Christ...Then said how much he hates Satan, and either how he wants to inflict physical pain to him or send him some of his really hot peppers he's growing (we had some...they're hot!!)!! 
Both of them are coming unto Christ the 28th of August, so we are pretty happy bears and eagles (using the native american names Wolf gave us!!). 
Both of them were also able to come and join us for Sunday services, and the Spirit of it all was so amazing!!! 

I want to bear my testimony of the Sabbath day. We live in a time where the Sabbath (Hebrew for "rest") is not a focus at all. I think that this is ONE OF the brightest lights that others do and can see, but more importantly, it's a clear message to our Father. What kind of message do we want to give Him on His day for us? We need, especially in this time, a day to reflect more deeply on the Spiritual, escape the world, and rest! I love to rest!! Who dosent!!??

I love you all!! Look forward to this upcoming transfer here in Warden...btw, ya, we got transfer calls, and both of us are kicking it here in Warden!! 
See yall in a bit!! 


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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