Monday, July 20, 2015

End of June, change of Mission!!

Bueno!!! How is everyone wherever you are!!

We have been HOT!! But SUPER awesome!! This week cant really even be called a week with how fast it's gone by. 
It's been such an amazing blessing to be here working in the Lord's vineyard. I know it's His, and He
's directing this work, we're just trying to run to keep up!! We've kept pretty busy with the work and seeing countless miracles each day. This transfer has been full of miracles! We've been working hard to apply the Gospel more fully to be better and more consecrated missionaries. We've still got a long way to go, but that's also a great blessing! There's still so much more that we can do and more miracles that can come from the Lord! We have been SO blessed to be here at this exciting and chosen time to serve! 

Some of the exciting things of this week:

-We had a pretty cool miracle from a run-in with a German Shepherd. We went up to a gate to a home where we had a planned lesson, and out came a rather infuriated German Shepherd with all the whistles and bells of ripping apart anything. We were going to go for it, but it didnt seem to want to let us in at all. But through the whole time, I felt that somehow we would be able to be fine. We went instead to the side of the house and then found that there was no gate there...but a German Shepherd bolting out of the yard!! ...honestly didnt really feel that we were going to be fine at that point, but we held our ground while the dog was making its rounds of sniffing and grouling and all that awesome stuff! BUT then its hackles disappeared and he happily led us to the yard. So we went in! Sadly, we didnt find the brother who we set the appointment with, but we met his dad and had a really good conversation with him for a few minutes!! 

-We had one more meeting with our Mission President...sad stuff, but we were so happy to get to see him one last time. The meeting was really Spiritual, and I felt really just focused on me and what I needed to be doing for the last leg of my mission. One of the coolest parts of the meeting was the feeling of pure excitement to meet President Lewis. He'll step foot on Yakima Washington soil Wednsday, then we'll be able to have a meet-and-greet the following Friday. I havent met him yet, but I can testify that he holds the keys for the WYM, and those keys will be active when he steps foot on Washington soil. I am very excited to meet him, and look forward to working side by side with the WKM in bringing our Brothers and Sisters back to Christ!!

-Yesterday was a major highlight for the week, especially in how we've been able to accomplish our missionary purpose. 
We took the things we took away from Specialized Training (meeting with President Ware), and made of list of things we could change and focus on from now on in order to be more worthy of our calling. Some amazing things occurred as a result of us being more focused on that purpose. 
The whole day was really amazing, but the part to focus on was the last hour of the day. We were in a lesson with a Less Active brother reading in the Book of Mormon, when we got a text from a member family to have rootbeer floats before we went back to the house (meaning we would need to do that around 8:45-8:50. DISTRACTION was the first thought I had, and upon looking at my planner, the Spirit hit us hard in us needing to pass by a sister that night, right after our lesson. When we left the lesson, we felt to first go to another less active family and introduce myself, so we got to talk to them for a few minutes. And then we passed by the sister we felt prompted in visiting. Right as we pulled in, her husband pulled out and was off. 
We were met with this sister in tears, and had the chance to talk with her, then give her a Priesthood blessing, which brought a lot of peace of all of us. As we were walking away, the door reopened and she popped out asking why it was we planned to pass by right then, and we said that we didnt know, save the Spirit told us to. The expression on that Sisters face was priceless, as was the Spirit that I felt right at that moment. 
This is HIS work, and I couldn't stress that enough. I pray that we can always be placed in these situations, so we can be instruments in the hands of the Lord. There was such a reverent feeling that night as we made our way back home, empty of rootbeer floats, but full of gratitude for the Lord and His willingness and love to use us (no matter how broken of tools we are at times) as His instruments to help others We love. 

I love this work and testify of its truthfulness. I love the Lord and also testify of Him, and His place as Lord and Savior, as well as his position as head of this Great Gospel and Church. 
love you all and hope for the best of blessings for each and every one of you! 

Con carino,

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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